Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Create Calm from Medical History and Appointments: Patient Summary

·        Create your own document to keep in 1 place
·        Keep it in your language, your understanding
·        Include: Doctor, Phone number, email
·        Past and Future appointments
·        Summary of last appointment (approximately 1 paragraph)

This is the example that I use for Alexis.
Here is the link to download examples for you.  As I grow this website, I'll provide how-to documentation on how to fill it out.  Try to start small and slow.  Pick up steam, confidence and CALM. 
Download the .pdf version of the file:
Download the .doc version of the file: 

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Barbara Figge Fox said...

Absolutely essential to carry these three pages with you to each doctors appointment, in duplicate, so you can hand out a copy

1. current medication
2. complete list of all physicians including contact info
3 summary of dates when things occurred (we have found our memories blur as to the exact year (1992? 1993?) when the first incident occurred.

Each care provider still asks the endless list of questions, but it's easier when you have the answers in front of you. And an extra copy to give away. I am always surprised when the nurse/physician is surprised that a patient has these documents. Does EVERYone else recite from memory?