Saturday, August 6, 2011

Caring for Yourself... Knowing your Limits

You've realized by now that I'm not posting often to this blog.  When I set it up, I used it as a chance to post some materials for a presentation for Federation of Children with Special Needs. 
I also used the same presentation materials for the 10th Annual CHARGE Syndrome Conference. 
I organized both talks around how Alexis changed my life and how to maintain my sanity I needed to get a lot more organized.
So I hope that I can share some of those techniques with you all with this blog.  Please feel free to review previous materials posted - I've gotten great feedback on the "Quick View" and on the "Medical Patient Summary." 
             Please feel free to download onto your computer, edit them as you want.
             Please feel free to print them, write on them.
The point is to use this as a starting point for your own organization program.  What works for you, may not work for me - we are all unique in that way.  But know yourself, know your limits.

I also want to share a small thing about the 10th Annual CHARGE Syndrome Conference that I attended - I didn't attend all of the sessions.  The conference occurs every 2 years - during my first conference in 2009, I attended every session - I got woefully overloaded with information, anxiety and concern.  Thankfully there were many uplifting sessions to help balance.  But I found myself exhausted from the Conference.  This conference, I knew myself better and cared for myself more.
When I was getting "anxious, concerned or overloaded" - I took a break.  I figured I wasn't going to be able to absorb the information in the session in that "state of mind".  So I took a break.  Every so often, we all need to take a break.
Do yourself some good, take a break, care for yourself and know your limits.
Enjoy reading more about how I got and get myself organized for Alexis' care. 
Please write me email at cat_rose at if you want more information.

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