Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Creating Calm - What works for me!

Create Calm for yourself
·         Our journey is long.
·         Know who you are.
·         Be at peace with your best.
·         Know that we all struggle, in different ways. 
·         Reflect, take time and love yourself and your family.
Create an Outstanding Team of Service Providers / Doctors
·         You are the manager / leader.
·         Define the common purpose for a team.
Examples:  Keep your child alive.  Avoid certain treatment.  Achieve certain treatment.
·         Define performance goals.
Examples: No hospitalization rule.  Quality of life.  Growing and meeting expectations.
Create Calm from Papers
·         Power of One
·         Keep them in 1 place (bin, room, file cabinet)
·         Review, Purge if possible 1 per year
·         Try to keep it contained in 1 place 
·         Get them from the hospital (be diligent about requesting speedier service)
·         Scan them! Create pdf files
·         Keep on your computer or external drive.
·         Email to doctors, therapists, teachers!

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